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While strolling through my local town on Saturday, kit bag over my shoulder on my way to play football for the mighty Norsemen FC from the Southern Amateur League, I came across the local market stalls that were setting up for the Saturday market.

Naturally I had a quick peek at the car boot sale style stalls to see if I could see any video games related items.
It was around 10am and I was one of the first people to walk through the market and I noticed a guy who had a couple of Master System games on his stall.
SEGA Excitement
My eyes lit up with excitement. I'm never normally this lucky with retro gaming pickups, especially not in my local area where it always seems to be PS2 games of XBOX360 games.

I took a quick look at what was on offer. The two games on show were Super Monaco GP and Marble Madness. I asked the guy running the stall how much he wanted for them and I half expected a ridiculous price but he said "£1 each please mate"
Jackpot I thought! Then something even more exciting happened, Mr Stall Owner began to produce 1,2,3,4,5 more SEGA Master System games! I was giddy with excitement as they all had immaculate boxes.
First came Populous, then F16 Fighter, then PGA Tour Golf, ESWAT and finally Master Of Darkness.
"How much do you want for the lot?" I asked…
"£6" was Mr Stall Owner's reply……
I searched through my wallet and could only find a £5 note……"Will you take a fiver for the lot?" I hopefully asked…..
"Of course!" Mr Stall Owner replied

A Done Deal 
I paid my £5 and was merrily on my way. It was fate that I had my football kit bag on me so I was able to stash my retro loot in with my boots as I made my way to the train station.
As I walked along with a massive smile on my face that only a retro haul can bring, I suddenly had a bad thought……."errrrrrrr I havn't even checked if the games are in the boxes!"
For all I knew Mr Stall Owner could have sold me a load of empty shells…..
I proceeded to open Marble Madness and there before my eyes was a fresh cartridge and immaculate looking instruction manual. The story was the same for all the boxes, cartridges and manuals. I was in Master System heaven.
This by far my best haul and even with an added bonus of a SEGA Poster inside one of the cartridge boxes, again it was in immaculate condition.

A Master Of The Dark Arts 
The one game I hadn't heard of was Master Of Darkness. It came out in 1992 which was after I had sold my original Master System. 

From what I can tell it's a Castlevania-esque title that filled the gap of no Castlevania title being available on the SEGA machine. 

It looks like it has a decent set of reviews and seems to command a decent price on eBay, certainly more than the 70p that I paid for it from Mr Stall Owner!
After being suitably smug about my retrogaming bounty I then realised that all I need now is a SEGA Master System to play them on!
My eyes will be open for a suitable bargain and I will keep everyone updated on my progress.
For now, take a look at my photos as the cartridges pose just for you!

What's YOUR Favourite Video Game Haul Ever?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below...

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