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We all remember the days of the hints, tips and cheats that we would find in video games magazines or be told about in the playground by our mates. 

The cheats normally consisted of a combination of joypad movements and button presses to unlock some kind of infinite lives or amendment to the gameplay.

Back in the '80s and '90s, we were mega hungry for this kind of stuff.

There were sections in magazines and some national newspapers that featured the top cheats of the time. 

Then there was the whole book of tips and cheats that were included as a giveaway within certain magazines or sold as separate books. 

Tips & Cheats were big enough to warrant a Cheating device to be attached to your console. Game Genie and Action Replay cartridge were the two I remember most. 

I never owned one but the way I believe they worked was that once plugged into the console then you would enter a code supplied to do some crazy stuff within the game. 

I never really liked the idea of the Genie or AR Cartridge as I felt it kind of devalued the game that I'd saved up all my hard-earned pocket money for. 

My thinking was why would I want to immediately cheat the game and half the lifespan of the experience?

Generally, I liked cheats that enhanced or changed the gaming experience rather than the bog-standard cheats that gave you infinite lives or ammo. 

Although saying that there were certain occasions where I felt I'd earned the right to have infinite whatever because of the hours of pain I'd endured getting to a certain point in the game (remember some games didn't have save points)

Anyway, over the years there are a few cheats that stick in my mind to this day......here are MY Top Five 

1. "Dunk From Anywhere" NBA JAM (SNES)
Method: 13 Rotations Of The 'D' Pad On The Tonight's Match-Up Screen
2. "Character Vs Character In Vs Mode" Street Fighter II (SNES)
Method: Down-R-Up-L-Y-B
3. "The Konami Code" Contra (NES)
Method:  Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A and start
4. "Final Level Lives" Double Dragon (SMS)
Method: Jump Kick On The Spot At Least 10 Times At The Start Of The Final Level
5. "Blood Code" Mortal Kombat (Genesis/Megadrive)
Method: On the Code of Honor screen, press A,B,A,C,A,B,B

Do You Remember These Cool Codes?

What Was Your Number 1 Cheat Code From Back In The day?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

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