☆ The Lads From The Lair Treat Us To More Gonarch Balls ☆ @gonarchslair #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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Greetings Freezer Followers...

Last Time I Spoke To You About My Favourite Podcast Was Back In Early September <HERE> Where I Broke The News That Gonarch The Testicle Spider Was Getting Its Very Own Podcast!

Well since then the boys in the lair have been busy and have produced yet more podcast gold with 4 more episodes.

I love these awesome audio treats so much that I am going to put a Gonarch's Lair tab into the Freezer so you can always find the Lair in the Freezer even when it's hidden behind that old tub of Tesco Essentials Ice Cream....

Good News Eh?!

Anyways, feast your ears on these tasty audio morsels as Gonarchs Lair plays out Episodes 3, 3.5, 4 (Disk 1) and 4 (Disk 2).....

Kick back, relax grab a beer and listen in..


Is that enough to be going on with for now?

I'll update you as soon as the next Episode is out for your consumption!

Don't Forget To Subscribe To The Podcast @ soundcloud.com/gonarchslair

Follow The Lair On Twitter @ twitter.com/gonarchslair

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