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My good friend Mario turned 30 this year.

He's been one of my best mates since I was around 6 years old so we go back a long way, in fact we go back to when he was born.

This guy has been there for many ups and downs in my life and we've shared so many fun moments together.

Who could forget the time we went to the wrong castle?!
Or how about the time when we went to pick veg with Princess and the gang.....

Then there was the time when we dressed up as Raccoons!

What about when we went to that Island and met Yoshi for the first time!!!

Me and Mario's favourite pastime is to race our mates in go karts and we've been doing that since 1992...

Anyway, in honor of  Mario's 30th Birthday which he celebrated this year I would like to share some of my favourite moments that i've shared with my mustachioed mate Mario!

"Falling Into Lava Together Whilst Firing Off A Fireball"

"Picking Veg"

"Fancy Dress"

"Kicking Ass With Yoshi"

"Playing Karts!"

"Exploring A 3D World Together"

"Papering The Walls Together"

"Exploring Outer Space Together"

"Having A Good Ol' Tear Up!"

These Are Just Some Of The Coolest Moments Mario & Me Have Spent Together....

What's Your Favourite Mario Moment?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

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