☆ Two Of The Biggest Football Games Of The 80's Make A Revival ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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Growing up as a football mad video games geek in the 80's and 90's meant that I was obsessed with two games throughout that golden era.

Those games were....

Kick Off 2
Football Manager

Technical K.O(2)
Kick Off 2 by Dino Dini was a game that defined the future of football video games as it created a football sim rather than a just a football game. 

The ball doesn't stick to the foot. 
The opposition actually seems to play with a purpose. 
You can build passing moves or play the more direct game. 
The speed of the game is outstanding and the ball physics were revolutionary! 

Kick Off 2 is the real deal and always will be. 

The Granddad Of Footy Manager Sims
Football Manager by Kevin Toms also changed the way we look at footy management simulations as it defined the genre that's still going strong to this day. 

Accepted as the most addictive video game you could ever get involved in this Kevin Toms' masterpiece was an absolute joy to play and I fell in love with it at first sight. My mate Briggsy had FM2 on his Amstrad CPC and it was beautiful to behold. 

By today's standards it is obviously the simplest type of management sim you could imagine but at the time the one rating out of 10 (Skill) was enough to highlight your strongest 11 and mount a charge up the leagues! 

21st Century Delight
Bearing all this in mind can you imagine my delight at finding out that both of these bastions of the video game and football world are ready to make a 21st Century appearance. Not only will it be a remake of these classics but they will both be re created by their original creators. 

Dino and Kevin are both bringing their influential games back with Dino attempting Kick Off revisited using the traditional game dev route to market. Whereas Kevin is attempting to secure funding for Football Manager via his Kickstarter (where he apologises for no longer having a beard!)

This is big and I for one can't wait to see how these 80's behemoths turn out in 2015/2016!

Take a look at each project and let me know what you think of this awesome news!

Kick Off Revival (For PS4 & PS Vita)

"Dino Dini Talks About His Latest Kick Off Creation"

Football Manager (Kickstarter)

"Remember Football Manager on the Spectrum, C64, Amstrad CPC, Vic 20, BBC Micro, Electron, Atari, Amiga etc?? Do you want it back again today?
In the early 1980s I wrote a game call Football Manager which went on to be very popular with millions of players and is now considered both a classic and the founder of the genre of Football Management games.
Many people have happy memories playing that game and recently I proposed online that I could rewrite the original game for modern mobiles etc. A lot of people really liked that idea and I started working on the project. 
This Kickstarter project is for the  rewrite of 1980s Football Manager to iOS, and Android and with a plan to convert to other platforms later.
I have never lost my love, and aptitude for developing games. 
I have great enthusiasm to do this. I respect and value your support"
Kevin Toms (Football Manager designer and programmer)
Are YOU As Excited As Me About This Cool Couple Of Retrogaming Legends?
Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

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