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Game Art is the ultimate expression of the essence of a video game and normally consists of those characters or moments in a game that captured the minds and hearts of the gamers who have played the franchise or series.

I love trawling the internet for cool images to capture on my Pinterest or Instagram

The images I fall for every time have to be the awesome video games graffiti......
So in honor of my video games graffiti obsession I thought I would bring the cream of the graffiti crop to your attention.........

Here's My Top 10 For Your Delectation....

10. "All The Crew Just For You"

9. "Angry About Angry Birds"

8. "Ring Chase"

7. "It's Jim But Not As We Know Him"

6. "It's NOT A GameBoy"

5. "Insert Mario Sound Effect"

4. "Back To The Island"

3. "Lean Mean & Green"

2. "Mega Graffiti"

1. "Bomb The Bass"


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