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Another Pixel Art surprise from the vast expanse of the App Store has made its way onto my iPhone.

Soda Dungeon is an interesting twist on the mobile dungeon crawling genre that we have seen so much of recently.

Basically you play a cowardly dude with an interesting business idea.

Instead of you being the dungeon crawling monster slayer why not coerce others to do the crawling whilst you reap the profits....

Whilst supping on soda at your local soda tavern you notice that certain individuals become fuelled for adventure when consuming the right amount of soda. They are then easy to hire to go into the dungeon on your behalf.

So off you trot with Mr Soda Junkie to find your fortune in the local dungeon. Obviously Mr S J doesn't fare too well in his first outing but the seed is sown to expand on this idea of Dungeoneers For Hire! 

When you go back to the tavern with your modest set of loot you are made aware of how to make the most of this opportunity. 

First up you can upgrade the tavern to attract a better class of adventurer. Maybe you will deck it out with lovely furniture and provide the bar keep with the latest sodas to keep those adventurers flocking in....

Then once you have enough cash you could also stretch to equipping your mob of dungeon busters with the latest monster bashing accessories such as Swords, Shields and All Seeing Eyes....

This is the basis of building up the Tavern and your mob in order that you can explore deeper into the dungeon opening up its many secrets......

I've really enjoyed my time with this perfect pixelated dungeoneering soda exploitation sim.

It's definitely worth a bash so give it a go!

Let Me Know How You Get On In The Comments Below...

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