☆ My Heart Strings Have Been Tugged By Valiant Hearts ☆ #GamersUnite #iOS

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It's been on my to play list for a long time now.

Finally today I got to play Valiant Hearts on my iPhone and i'm in love with this beautiful and touching game.

It's a story of love, tragedy, humour and war which has 4 characters at its heart.

From minute one you will be drawn in by the story and the way it is portrayed in the most beautiful art style.

At it's core this game brings to life World War I and helps the player truly empathize with characters whose world has been torn apart by this world conflict. 

Whilst playing this game players will learn about the Great War in a way that a history lesson could never compete. I found myself reading about different artifacts from the war such as Dog Tags as I discovered them strewn across the battlefield.

This game is a true eye opener for me as I never knew a game could be so beautiful in so many ways and allow us gamers to learn so much from these stories. 

It feels like the stories in the game were probably inspired by letters home to loved ones from WW1 and you get this feeling as you piece together each characters story through narration, gameplay, exploration and puzzle solving.

I may be late to this game as it came out in 2014 but it was truly worth the wait.

I've only just started playing this game but already I can see it will be an obsession to discover all the in game artifacts and piece together all the different stories.

"Bringing Art To Life" is apparently the driving force behind the Ubisoft engine that powers this game and it definitely delivers on this in every sense by combining beautiful artwork with awesome story telling to really draw the player in.

I'll be working my way through this beauty over the next few days and i'll let you know if this awesome game ends the way it started.........in a beautiful blaze of glory and sadness.

Have YOU Played Valiant Hearts Yet?

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