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The Play Expo Manchester 2015 has been and gone but don't despair, let me tell you how cool this event was as I give you 5 of the coolest things about this years Expo!
1. 2 Giant Gameboys
2 Giant Gameboys playing Tetris......what more do you need?

2. Arcade Machines As Far As The Eye Can See
I had so much fun on Double Dragon the Arcade machine and surprisingly it was the first ever time i'd played the arcade version in all my years! I'd only ever properly played the SMS version prior to this! As usual the sheer awesomeness of the arcade section sent a shiver down my spine as I walked into the massive warehouse of retrogaming goodness!

3. Consoles For Everyone
The lovingly curated consoles section is always an awesome sight and I especially enjoyed the vast array of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. Turtles in Time has got to be my fave of all time! Whichever console you've always wanted to play is here for you to get your mitts on and the games range never disappoints.

4. Four Player F-Zero X on N64
F-Zero X, oh what fun! Times that by a factor of 4 and F-Zero X becomes an off the scale experience! The N64 was for me the pioneer of the true 4 player experience as you never needed a multitap. It was a game changer and this game is awesome. It was so good to see this in all its glory in its natural habitat surrounded by excited retro gamers. So much fun!

5. The Most Friendly Retrogaming Atmosphere
I've said it before and i'll say it again, the UK retrogaming community are the friendliest bunch around. Whether it was the cool dudes who'd turned up to attend the Expo or the Vendors, everyone seemed genuinely friendly and up for a retro gaming chat. I was in heaven as you can imagine! 

I'm already looking forward to the next event as I've enjoyed myself so much at the last 3 events.

Blackpool, Margate & Manchester have been an absolute storm, so bring it on!

Have YOU Been To A Play Event Yet?

Let Me Know What YOU Think Of The Expos In The Comments Box Below...

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