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I've grown up playing some of the greatest platform games of all time and now i'm getting excited about this brand new upcoming Kickstarter which is aiming to be a love letter to the platform games from down the years!

Let's open up this letter and see what it says.........

The Axe Man Cometh
Super Axe Boy is a platform game that combines 2D and 3D gameplay. 

I really like the fact that it’s an old-school challenge of platformer.

It looks to bring together the classics like Mega Man and Super Mario and combine those legends with modern gaming aesthetics.

The one man dev team is looking to create levels which will switch back and forth between 2D sections and 3D sections. 

You will get the frantic feeling of a classical Mario or Mega Man with the sense of exploration and cinematic sequences as known from modern platformers and adventure games. 

The final game will have a soundtrack that combines the best of an 80s chiptunes sound with pumping garage rock tunes.

Axe Boy has his beloved and robust axe always with him. With his axe you can do lots of cool things such as:

  • Hacking trees to discover new paths in a level
  • Chopping and collecting wood which is then used in-game to build items
  • Attacking enemies
  • Deflecting bullets
  • Solving puzzles
  • Defeating bosses

The game also features a reimagined style of retro graphics for the current gaming generation.

What's The Story Morning Glory?!
You are Axe Boy. You have so far lived a humble and normal life as a lumberjack, until one day, Earth is invaded by the Beaverians – a very sneaky alien beaver race.

The Beaverians’ ultimate goal is to build an intergalactic burger franchise, thus they steal all humans from Earth to work as slaves and/or be processed as meat for their products and they pluck all the trees from the planet to provide for the wood material needed to achieve these plans.

Due to random luck, you and your sidekick Bebob are the only ones that have not been abducted. Equipped with your axe and jumping boots starts a journey, that will lead you through many worlds and insane boss fights, in order to stop the alien menace.

Game Dev Speaketh
Here's the story of the the one man game dev Matt in his own words:

"I am an independent game developer from Germany. Since the day I jumped my first Goomba in Mario, I have developed a deep love for video games. 

Over the last 2 years, I have already published two games for iOS as side projects.

My 2nd game “Super Obstacle Boy” was featured in several leading mobile gaming sites and has found a small cult following among players.

I am deeply in love with games and with Super Axe Boy I want to take things a huge step forward by creating a unique platform game experience that will both remind us about the things that we have come to love about those games and that have defined our generation.

My professional experience comprises over 4 years of strategy consulting and over 3 years of leading a peer-to-peer services startup with a multinational team. 

During this time period I have also published two game projects for iOS as side projects. My 2nd game “Super Obstacle Boy” has been featured on several leading mobile gaming sites and has achieved a small, but steady growing base of fans.

Hence, I am very well prepared for handling a project of the size that “Super Axe Boy” aims to be. 

If the Kickstarter succeeds, I will invest 100% of my time in developing and finishing the game."

Time For Gamers To Unite
So, when is this Kickstarter 'Kicking Off' ?

From October the 20th for 30 Days you will get the opportunity to get involved.....

So keep a look out for this cool Kickstarter coming your way!

Until Then Head On Over To superaxeboy.com





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