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I currently own a calendar (front page news!)

My calendar was created by my Twitter friend c64reloaded and is a c64 themed game a month style calendar.

I love it and I intend to get another from Mr C64 Reloaded next year too as the nostalgia factor always brings a smile to my face each month of the year.

But I've been thinking.......

Is there a video game per day calendar out there?
I'd like to see something like a 1 video game or console featured per day of the year.
365 days of video games goodness rolled into a game a day calendar.
Then it got me thinking even more (my brain was on a roll!)
I'd actually like to see something more than just a calendar...
What about a game a day diary....
Maybe the diary could challenge you to play one game a day for 365 days and then you write up your thoughts on the game.

The format could be something like:
Day (X)
Name Of Game
Year Of Release
Rating /10

Now To Think Of 365 Games
Inspired by my thoughts I have set about compiling a list of 365 video games which would definitely make the cut for my game per day calendar/diary idea.

it's tougher than I expected but here is my final 365.

Each day will have one game featured and in an ideal world each day would be linked to the game or console via release date etc but that might be too much of an ask!!

I'm halfway through the list as of today and in part 2 of this article I will reveal my full lineup.

Which Game Would DEFINITELY Make Your 365?

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