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So you've been soaking up all the various RetroGaming goodness on Games Freezer this week and you are fed up with emulation of your  favourite Retro Games and want to sample the real thing….


It is true that there is nothing quite like hooking up the original hardware and playing it like it was meant to be….


A beautiful SNES with a copy of Super Mario Kart connected up to a nice sized CRT is the stuff of dreams for us here at Games Freezer..


So if you too dream of owning such a classic gaming combo where would you go to get your hardware haul from?


We've pulled together a list of the best places to purchase your RetroGaming wares, so read on and start collecting all the good stuff

1. eBay
eBay always has the potential for a bargain purchase to be had and tends to be our first port of call.

We tend to look for 99p auctions whereby the auction ends at odd times.
That way you find the item goes for less because it ends at 1am when not as many people are around to bid and outbid you on it.

2. Car Boot Sale
One mans junk is another mans treasure.

Car Boot sales were always the best place to find old ZX Spectrums and Commodore 64's pre eBay.
They still have plenty of potential to net you a bargain assuming the seller is realistic on price.
Best tactic for a Boot Sale is to go around the sale noting items that you are interested whilst also asking prices.
Once you have done the circuit and have note of prices, go and put offers in on the ones you want.
If the seller wont budge on price and you are not happy with the price, hang around till the sale is nearly over and if they still have the item they will more than likely want to get it sold before they love and will be more likely to negotiate on price.

3. Lukie Games
Lukie Games originally started out by selling video games on Ebay and since then have grown to sell a full line of RetroGaming video games and systems.

They are considered to now be the #1 online seller of classic games in the WORLD! 

They sell around 45,000 games per month and serve over 300,000 customers.

Their pricing is reasonable and they ship worldwide.

A great place to visit and get your retrogaming fill!

4. DKOldies
DK Oldies an online retrogamers heaven which started in 2003 selling just Nintendo NES games.

They quickly gained a following throughout the world with a reputation for being reliable, fast and able to acquire the rarest of games. 

DKOldies.com now has extensive libraries of all types of classic games, systems, and accessories .

They buy old collections and clean them up to make them almost new again and have a real sense of video gaming community in how they operate.

They have shipped games and systems all around the world since 2003 and continue to help people connect with retro gaming.

Again the business grew from selling on Ebay to now selling exclusivley on DKOldies.com.
Have a look here for a vast collection of all things RetroGaming

5. Funstock
Funstock are a UK based video games retailer who specialise in retro video games consoles NeoGeo, SEGA and Atari FunStock.co.uk officially launched in early 2012 but FunStock have been trading for over 7 years

More importantly they are the exclusive distributor of the NeoGeo X!

If you want to get yourself a 10% Discount on all things Funstock head over to "Games Freezer's Funstock Deal" to find out exactly how to do just that!

6. Game Gavel
GameGavel is an auction site specifically for video games which was launched in 2008. 
Listen to what the guys at Game Gavel have to say about their cool site and their community:

"GameGavel offers gamers a unique online gaming community all bound together by the auction marketplace. 
We offer gamers a fun and friendly gaming community forum where they can connect with other like-minded gamers as well as enjoy some unique and original gaming entertainment from our RetroGamingRoundup.com podcast to the popular game hunting series, Big Game Hunter, found on GameGavel's Youtube channel. And, when we can we also serve up video game news, reviews and editorials.

There is no other online gaming website like GameGavel! We offer commerce, community and content all in one convenient place.

Recently, GameGavel has received some extremely RARE auction listings and is becoming the go to auction site for sellers with unique and rare items to sell. 

GameGavel goes further to help sellers of rare items than any other online auction site by providing: listing support and advice, the promotion of rare item listings to the gaming press, editorial story creation to run alongside the auction and access to a large network of the world's most serious video game collectors."

Game Gavel offers a cool alternative to eBay and we like the community aspect to how they operate.

Those are our 6 cool places to get your RetroGaming Fix


Can you think of any other cool places where you can potentially pick up a retrogaming bargain? Let Us Know…..

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