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I've just watched a sneak preview of the upcoming Epic Manager Kickstarter Campaign And I Am Uber Excited!

ManaVoid Entertainment are an indie game dev studio based in Montreal, Canada. 

And On Monday, October 27th, ManaVoid are launching their Kickstarter campaign for Epic Manager.

Epic Manager is a unique mixture of Video Games genres. It's a 2D Strategy Fantasy RPG and Tycoon game for PC, Mac and Linux that let’s you create your own Adventuring Agency.

The game presents a mix of strategy and management, as players get to build their Agency by recruiting adventurers and sending them on quests in exchange for a share of the loot they find.

Over the last few weeks, the dudes at ManaVoid have been working around the clock to create the EPIC Kickstarter campaign, and it is now almost ready to be revealed to the world!  

Epic Manager is the love child of games like Dungeons & Dragons, Final Fantasy Tactics, Crusader Kings 2 and Game Dev Story. 

For the first time ever, you can create your very own Adventuring Agency and manage it as if you were a professionnal sports team general manager.  

Scout for prospects, hire adventurers, train them and form parties, send them on quests, deal with random encounters, fight frantic battles and experience an epic narrative shaped your choices.  

  • A unique new twist on a beloved genre
  • Create your own Adventuring Agency
  • A vast realm to explore
  • More than 100 locations to discover in the Realm of Astraeus
  • Random encounters and events galore 
  • Every playthrough is fresh and unique!
  • Emergent narrative shaped by player choices
  • You are the hero, you make the choices
  • Scouting-based recruitment system
  • Scout, Negotiate and Sign heroes of the Realm
  • Class system based on character potential
  • Deep job system inspired by FF Tactics
  • Strategic and frantic combat system
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Push-your-luck quest system
  • Gather information at a cost or go in recklessly

Initially, it will be launching on PC, Mac & Linux

The intention is also to have a mobile version of the game released on Android and IOS

Should stretch goals be reached on Kickstarter, there will also be a PS4, Xbox One and WiiU version

The project’s Kickstarter campaign will officially launch on Monday, October 27th, 2014

The game itself should be available in Q4 of 2015, with early access a few months before that...

You Want To Know More?

Get Yo' Self Over To




Then Get Backing The Campaign From Monday!

Video Games, Game Dev, Indie Game, Kickstarter

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