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Video Games, Mass effect

Playing video games at the ripe old age of 34 (nearly 35) is a different prospect to playing video games when I was 18.
The whole spare time issue rears its ugly head and of course family life must come first.
So for me to play a video game in its entirety and to its conclusion there is an ingenious algorithm that I need to take into consideration in order to free up previous 'dead time' in my day. (The algorithm is a classified secret that I am unable to divulge)
I then utilise this 'dead time' to play my latest video game (when I say latest video game, it's not necessarily the latest release, it's just that I have finally got round to playing it and my bucket list goes as far back as Secret Of Mana!!)
This approach has enabled me to stop watching rubbish TV programmes that never enriched my life or further enhanced my outlook on life in order to play VIDEO GAMES!!!
My video games playing is far more fulfilling and enjoyable than slowly rotting away on the sofa to another episode of celebrity reality dancing on stilts (although that is a cracking watch I must admit!)
So, for me I have one and two hour pockets of gaming time spread out over the course of a week. This is great for me as I have been able to reclaim my gamers life which I was beginning to neglect over the last couple of years.
The only drawback that I have encontered with this approach to gaming is trying to follow story driven games can be a big challenge.
For example, I started playing the Mass Effect series on XBOX360 around 3 years ago and it's only now that I have finally gotten round to purchasing Mass Effect 3. This means that in that 3 year period my poor memory has discarded many of the facts from the preceding 2 games. All I can now remember is the following:
  • I'm Commander Shephard
  • I have a cool space ship
  • My crew are all freaks
  • I think I had some nooky with 2 of my crew
  • I remember having a big old fight with a giant skeleton head (I may have dreamed that bit)
  • I used to have a cool rover thing that I could drive around on random planets but someone nicked it before Mass Effect 2
This my friends is the current extent of my Mass Effect knowledge………not bad really
I'm hoping that Mass Effect 3 will start with….
<Voice Over> "Previously On Mass Effect……"
I'm also hoping there's a website totally devoted to video game storylines with a cheat sheet attached to it that summarise, that I can take a look at to refresh my grey matter!!
Anyways, I'm about to go fireup ME3 and harass some blue alien thingys (I think)
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Games Freezer, Video Games, Mass Effect
Video Games, Mass Effect

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