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When I was young video games pup my video games collection was small and usually well researched so most of my games were quality games.

BUT every now and again I would be tempted by an untested unknown game that was going for a pocket money price. 

This usually resulted in the game being atrocious and me becoming ultimately disappointed. 

The thing is, once I owned a video game I felt compelled to play it to the end whether it was a terrible game or not. 

This led to me playing through some real awful games over the years that I really should have just walked away from on day one!
I've pulled together a list of Five Terrible Video Games That I Played Till The Bitter End! (sometimes the bitter end was me smashing up the cartridge / tape in disgust and frustration!)

Have YOU Played Any Of These Shockingly Bad Games?
5. Haunted House - SEGA Master System

This game was bad. My mate had it on the SMS and me and him would take it in turns to play it badly!
It's a poor platformer at best and from memory it was pretty unforgiving.
I know we completed it eventually but I think I've erased its conclusion from my memory.
The Bitter End - Came after defeating all the draculas. From memory there were 5 to defeat and many a joypad was thrown away in anger!
4. Fantastic Soccer - ATARI 800 XE/XL

Inside these web pages I have already mentioned my love/hate with Fantastic Soccer. But ultimately it was a hate relationship. It was rock hard to score, pass or even just play the game. The game had no progression. There was no cup to win. Just endless one off exhibition type matches. It was the pits and yet for some reason I played it solidly. The drought of decent football games on the ATARI fuelled my passion for this lacklustre game and therefore I'm excusing myself for this heinous crime against video games.
The Bitter End - The never ending and recurring nightmare that was Fantastic Soccer. The end came when I finally purchased my Commodore Amiga and played Kick Off & Sensible Soccer into the ground!
3. Street Fighter - Commodore 64

Our local newsagent had this new game called Streetfighter (not SF2) and I would regularly pour 50p's into the machine in order for my primitive looking Ryu to shout "Haduuuken!" At the time it was ground breaking ,not as groundbreaking as SF 2, but groundbreaking none the less. When my mate got Street Fighter on the C64 I just had to play it and play it we did. BUT oh my word it awful. A conversion nightmare and an absolute pig to play!
The Bitter End - This came when my mate got rid of his C64 ,although before that fateful day we had piled in more than the required hours into this frustrating beast of a game!
2. WWF Super Wrestlemania - SNES

Maybe this entry gets into my top 5 because of the sheer amount of disappointment I felt when it was released. I was a massive WWF (WWE) fan at the time and it was the golden era of WWF when Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior were duking it out on a regular basis. Throw in Jake The Snake, Macho Man Randy Savage, The British Bulldog, Legion Of Doom, The Natural Disasters and The Bushwackers to name a few, it was in fact the greatest time for WWF. 

My hopes for the game were stoked by issue 18 of Mean Machines that had a brilliant preview within its pages. I would gaze at the preview on a daily basis and reasoned that it looked so good that it had to be good. Unfortunately I was WRONG! :(
I wouldn't say it was as bad as being broken and unplayable but it was worse than a WWF game should have been. I'd played the amazing Arcade Machines of the time such as Wrestlefest and on these brilliant machines the atmosphere and tone of WWF was captured perfectly.
Super Wrestlemania felt rushed and not quite right. It felt as though it was released to cash in on the massive hype of the WWF roster of the time.
The thing is, I wanted this game to be good soooo badly that I ploughed hours of my time into it, preying it would get better …. But it never did
The Bitter End - I came across Wrestle War on the MEGADRIVE and I decided that Super Wrestlemania for me was no longer viable. "WELCOME TO WRESTLE WAR!"
1. Pit Fighter - SNES

Why am I such an idiot?

Who buys Pit Fighter on the SNES?

Who actually plays Pit Fighter on the SNES more than once?
Wehenver i'd walk into an Arcade I would immediately search for a Pit Fighter machine. At the time the digitised graphics and sound were ,for me, something completely new and amazing (even though the actual game sucked!) I'd often put my pocket money into this arcade machine only to lose badly. But I still rocked up and played it on many an occasion.

Then it was released on the SNES. I'm sorry to say I bought it. Yes it was at a bargain bucket price due to fact that it was rubbish, but still the fact remains I bought it.
It's not something i'm proud of.
Pit Fighter on the SNES was almost unplayable but I knew what I was getting into as every review had been dire. But at the time I thought they must be over reacting and that it would be cool just to recreate the xcitement I had for the arcade version at home…….
Hmmmmmm then again maybe not! Although I still played the game more than 10 times i'm sure, which must be a world record surely!!
The Bitter End - Came after I realised that i'd rather play with the traffic than persist with this steaming pile of ****

Which Of These Video Games Have YOU Played?
Which Video Games Did You Persevere With Even Though They Were RUBBISH!?

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