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Whenever I'm on my hols I always see if I can seek out an arcade game or two and get especially excited when I locate a new Amusement Arcade to visit.
When visiting Center Parcs in September of this year, to my surprise I stumbled across a shrine like arcade section of the park totally devoted to the PAC MAN himself!
Granted, it wasn't actually a room full of PAC MAN arcade machines as such …. BUT it was a homage to the yellow man himself……
The room itself was tucked away inside the main part of the leisure complex of the Elveden Forest Center Parcs resort and was surrounded by Badminton Courts and Table Tennis tables.
As I stumbled across this yellow beauty of a room I saw a plethora of PAC MAN related amusements.
These ranged from a 4 Player PAC MAN Battle Royale Machine to the brilliant PAC MAN SMASH Air Hockey table and a PAC MAN Basket (basketball machine)
To say I was excited was an understatement! So I took pics for all you guys to enjoy ;)

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