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Game Dev, Kickstarter, The Secret Cove, Cheeky Sprite, Indie Game

We featured The Secret Cove Kickstarter HERE Last Wednesday And We Are Super Excited About This Great Kickstarter Campaign....

So Much So, That We Decided To Return To The Cove This Week To Catch Up With The Secret Cove's Coding & Design Team To Find Out What Video Games Make Them Tick And Have Influenced Their Beautiful Creation.....
Game Dev, Kickstarter, The Secret Cove, Cheeky Sprite, Indie Game

Meet Suzi & Nige From Cheeky Sprite Studios, 

We asked them a few questions to understand their own gaming influences and to help us understand what inspired them to create "The Secret Cove" Kickstarter campaign...

What is your favourite point n click of all time and why?

Nige:  Dejavu on the Amiga, as it was one of the first ones that I ever put a lot of time into, so it holds a soft spot for me.  Suzi's is definitely Monkey Island.

Which current video games studio do you most admire / aspire to?

Nige:  I would say Team17 and Sumo Digital.  Two local indie studios who are extremely successful and I have loads of great memories from playing Team 17 games in my childhood and what an achievement that they are still going!

What is your favourite NON point n click game of all time?

Nige:  Star wars galaxies (before the changes).  

This was the first MMO that I was ever introduced to and I absolutely loved it. 

I remember a good friend of mine showing me around the game and escorting me to some bad places and then having to leave the game early, stranding me in a bad area and in the dark, and in that game the dark was really dark.  

It is one of the first games that I played where I was actually nervous about what would happen to my character.

I Really got addicted to that game when it came out!

What is your fave computer system or console of all time?

Nige:  C64 without a doubt.  This is where all the coding began, at first coding basic programs using commodore basic and then after seeing numerous cracktros and demos and absolutely loving them (usually watching these more than playing the game) I decided I had to know how it was done and started coding different routines and cracktros in assembler myself. 

So my programming career began when I was about 6 years old (obviously not the assembler part :) 

How long have you been gamers?

Nige:  ooo at least 33 years.  Does that give my age away :)

Why Cornwall?

Nige:  Its a place where we have holidayed for many years and have some great memories for us, it also has a great history of smuggling and intrigue so seemed like the perfect place to base The Secret Cove.

What is your favourite feature of the secret cove and why?

Nige:  I would have to say the story relevant puzzles, as these were great fun to come up with and all have an actual relevance to the game, whether that is welding pieces of metal together to make a tool, or even as diverse as smoking out bees from an alcove that you need to access.

Any teasers for what may be included in the Kickstarter rewards or even stretch targets?

Nige:  Two teasers are a printed art book of the scenes from the game and there is also a great opportunity to collaborate with us to design a scene for The Secret Cove!

Nige & Suzi are gamers after our own hearts and we just love all the influences that are behind this great Kickstarter campaign....

We'll be keeping YOU all up to date with the progress of The Secret Cove Kickstarter Campaign and hopefully will give you some more insight into The Secret Cove Development Team 
Very Soon....

In The Meantime Keep Your Freezers Tuned Into 
The Games Freezer!
(have you ever tried to tune a Freezer?)

Game Dev, Kickstarter, The Secret Cove, Cheeky Sprite, Indie Game

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