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Inspired by this article on Kotaku I thought it would be a good opportunity to trawl through the Lucas Arts Archives and try and whittle down the Back Catalogue to my 5 Favourite Lucas Arts video games of all time.
With so many great games to choose from this is a tough task….but I'm ready for the challenge as as I don my Stan The Boat Dealer's hat and set sail for the mystical land of cool Lucas Arts video games….
Games Ahoy!!
Ok…let's get cracking…
I'll start with the most obvious but on of the greatest games of all time. It's a game that just has to be in this list no matter what…

Secret Of Monkey Island was amazing, it was funny and it had me gripped from minute 1.

It laid the foundations for Le Chucks Revenge to come along and become just the finest piece of point n click adventure I have ever had the fortune to play. 

I played Monkey Island 2 on the Commodore Amiga and had to contend with 12 disks and a security wheel to get it loaded up. 

The thing is, it seemed to make the game even better as you battled with your impressive 12 disk haul and a funky security wheel to combat the real life Video Games Pirates. 

It's a game that oozes class, style and character and one that makes me go warm and fuzzy when I think back to the fun I had playing it (often with mates) as we tried to solve the puzzles in an age before internet was in every home. 

Simply marvellous….that is all
This game had a cool B movie feel to it and I just loved how it was different from anything else out there at the time. 

I think it was because it had its own style and plenty of humour in it that I was drawn to it.

The Megadrive had nothing else quite like it at the time as the world was trying to make Sonic or Mario clones. 

I didn't actually realise that Lucas Arts developed this game until I researched this article and I was delighted that they did as it's one of the games I spent an age playing as a Megadrive owning teen.
For me this is another Commodore Amiga classic point n click adventure game. 

The funky cartoon graphics and the crazy storyline hooked me. 
Then the ability to use your 3 characters to solve the puzzles really set it apart. Everything about this game was mental and I loved it (including the lovely box art)
A tough call was made between this and Day Of The Tentacle. 

Zak won the battle just because I like the little touches in the game that link it back to Maniac Mansion (such as the Chainsaw Fuel for the Chainsaw in Maniac Mansion) Lucas Arts were at the heights of their point n click powers at this point in time and it really showed with the classy addition of this great game to the Lucas Arts stable.
I'm a massive Indiana Jones fan and this game thrusts you into the world of Indy from minute one with amazing production values and obviously the brilliant Indy music.

At the time, playing this on my Amiga I felt like I was in a movie. 

The graphics are brilliant, the story is great, the puzzles are just right.

I loved this game so much I played it again on my Nexus recently (it was harder than what I remembered)

What's Your Favourite Lucas Arts Video Game?

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