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Last week I came across an exciting project that is currently being progressed to create
"The Museum Of Gaming" 

Within the Museum there will be sections that incorporate Family Gaming, Fantasy Role-play and Computer Based Video Games.

The curators are also planning on creating some exciting separate feature exhibits on various themes.

The first feature exhibit will be titled "Monsters In The Mind" and will primarily focus on the development of Dungeons & Dragons over the years.

The Museum of Gaming will look to house an archive of many thousands of objects of gaming significance. 

The key aim of the M.O.G museum is to provide research, resources and exhibits based on the development and history of games. 

The curators are just at the beginning of the planning and development of the M.O.G and so plans are currently fairly fluid. 

The goals that they have set are:

+ Acquisition Of Key Gaming Artefacts

+ Overall Gaming Collection Management

+ Gaming History Research

The museum does not occupy a permanent physical location for the exhibition of its collection but the archive collection is being run just like any other museum would be using a brand of software called SPECTRUM 4.0 which is recognised as the Standard archiving solution for Museums.

The museum is using digital the collection management software and intends to make the archive available to the public.

The M.O.G website has been setup to showcase what the museum stands for and I think this all looks very exciting.

I will be trying to get an interview with the curators of M.O.G in order to understand what inspired them to begin creating such an awesome museum and set of exhibits.

Have YOU Ever Visited A Gaming Related Museum?

Let Me Know About YOUR Experience (good or bad)

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