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Twine, Video Games, Choose Your Own Adventure

Growing up I couldn't get enough of the Fighting Fantasy Novels by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone....

I'd buy the latest book from the local book shop and then hole up in my room with a dice and a piece of paper and play the hell out of that book.

It felt like they were endlessly re-playable / re-readable.

They were the books that really got me into playing role playing video games as I always wanted to be able to recreate those experiences on a computer screen....
That love of fighting fantasy novels has stayed with me forever....

One thing that the Fighting Fantasy novels never touched when I played them was Sci Fi Fantasy...

This is where "The Terror Aboard The Speedwell" comes in....

I received an email about a special offer on this highly rated choice based choose your own adventure Browesr game that was made using a tool called Twine...

When I looked into it, it seemed exactly the type of thing that I used to love reading except it was browser based and I could therefore play it on my laptop in my spare time...

It immediately caught my interest as it was so cheap to buy too .....

$1.25 for the full download.....worth a try I thought and I downloaded it in the name of research for Games Freezer...

Here's the synopsis of the game direct from a site that's new to me.

The site's called Vodo and it's where I downloaded this cool game:

"Welcome to the future. The remnants of humanity, in the aftermath of a cataclysmic event known only as The Fall, have fled a dying homeworld to seek refuge among the colonies of the solar system.

Two hundred years later a small reconnaissance team returns to survey the surface of the dead world. 

What they find there not only puts their lives in peril, but also endangers all of humanity.

The Terror Aboard The Speedwell is a sci-fi horror game where victory means surviving a two month trip back to Mars as a deadly creature stalks your spaceship, picking your crew off one by one.

Maybe if you’re smart--and a little lucky--you’ll make it back home with all your limbs intact. 

Twine, Video Games

Choose poorly and the Speedwell will be your tomb.
*A 50K word branching sci-fi horror story with 60 endings.
*A choice between two protagonists, each with their own unique dialogue and options.
*Heroine. Murderer. Savior. Survivor. Corpse. Coward. Conquerer. What will you become?"
So it began...............

I'm now hooked on this brilliant & scary choose your own adventure and I want more of the same!

I highly recommend downloading this gory, scary story and playing through it yourself.

It also got me looking into using Twine to create my very own story......

Maybe one day i'll be creating the next cool Fighting Fantasy style stories?

Head On Over To VODO Now And Support Javy Gwaltney By Downloading And Owning This Slice Of Choose Your Own Adventure Coolness!

Have YOU Played Any Other Cool Browser Based Choose Your Own Adventure Games That You Would Like To Recommend?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below...

Video Games, Twine, The Terror Aboard The Speedwell, Games Freezer
Retrogaming, Video Games, Twine, The Terror Aboard The Speedwell

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