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Get Your Graph Paper Out! It's Video Game Map Time!

Inspired by my recent post about "MAPSTALGIA" I have started to lay some plans for a Kickstarter campaign to publish a book that is solely a showcase for various hand drawn Video Games Maps.

Last year I backed the "Artcade" Kickstarter project that showcased the Arcade Art from a whole host of classic arcade marquees and I figure that there are plenty more Retro Gaming geeks, Nerds and freaks like myself who would back a similar style book but this time on the classic art of Hand Drawn Video Games Maps....

This is how I see the book panning out:

A Foreword by an esteemed member of the Retrogaming Community who shares my love for Video Games Maps

An introduction from the cool dude who runs the MAPSTALGIA site 

(after all his site is the reason I had this idea)

I'd then launch into a visual onslaught of around 100 hand drawn video games maps from various video games over the years

Each map would be displayed in all it's visual glory using a page per map approach on an A4 sized page.

The book itself would be bound using a spiral binding style which would enable you to view each map without having to bend a page over

It would have the feel of an A4 Pad just like when you were 12 and the A4 pad was your internet and your hard drive :)

After floating this idea on reddit.com a great suggestion was received from one of the Retrogaming fraternity!

A cool reward that could be on offer would be a pre loaded USB of some of the Abandon Ware games that were featured in the book so as you could test the maps out by playing the actual games through a pre loaded piece of emulator software 
(now that would be cool!)

I'm going to be developing the idea over the next month and would love for all you retrogamers to give me some honest thoughts on whether you think this would make a cool Kickstarter (or not)

I'd also like to find out what YOU would like to see included in the Kickstarter campaign 
(whether that be rewards or features within the book)

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