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A couple of things got me excited today in the dreary London rain....

I picked up my usual copy of Shortlist on a Thursday and as I always do I searched for some good video games stories or features to inspire me for the Games Freezer blog.....

Not much was in this weeks issue but then I stumbled across this cool sounding Comedy Tour.....


Anyone who's obsessed over and played FM to death can at least in part empathise with that statement......

FM is the crack cocaine of video games and it's a tough addiction to shake!

So what's it all about then?

Well, Tony Jameson  focuses on his premature mid-life crisis (he's only 34) and the realisation that he's spent around 20 years playing the same video game!

Tony is looking to explore the notion that If by not playing Football Manager to such an extent that he could have achieved so much more if he'd applied his energies elsewhere.....
The show looks to serve up a mixture of silly stories and references about footballers you may / may not have heard of (like Aleksei Poddubski or Ivica Mornar maybe?)
In Tony's words 
"Its more than just a riff on football. It looks into whether I’m an addict, is it escapism, or am I just a dick head who should know better?"
This all sounds super cool (especially for a Video Game nerd like me) and I really want to make sure I get to see this show ASAP.....

Find out all about the tour dates and venues at Tony's website:


Meet The Regens!

As i was having a peek at Tony's website i also stumbled across the follow up to Football Manager Ruined My life which is show all about the Football Manager Regens!!! 

How cool is that!! For those that may not know about Footy Manager Regens, these are the players that the computer generates for you after the actual real life players retire in game.....this is usually after season 10 when you have more regens than actual real life players (this is also when you realise you have a Football Manager addiction!)

Read this from Tony's Website:

"They say you should never meet your heroes...

There's a saying that you should never meet your heroes, as you'll always end up disappointed, but what if your heroes aren't 'real'? 
I'm aware that is quite an odd statement to start with, but stick with it.
I've set myself the rather ridiculous challenge, of trying to meet as many of my favourite Football Manager regens as possible.
But Tony, these guys aren't real! The players who brought you unprecendented success on this game were all just random names in a database. Maybe they were. Or maybe, just maybe, these players actually exist (or at the very least, they have namesakes who are alive and well and may fancy remininscing about our 'achievements'?)
A quick glance of Facebook suggests that this may well be the case (some of them were even mutual friends of mine apparently). However, the notion of messaging some random person I've never met on Facebook and trying to explain this story seems a little weird. So I needed a new method. A safer method. Something that seems less creepy than playing potential weirdo roulette. And I think I've found it...
You get in touch with me!"
What a brilliant concept! Surely a Footy Manager Fans number one dream?!? :)

Tony then goes on to list his top regens.......take a look at Tony's list below and see if there any names YOU recognise?

"Listed below are the names of some of my players who have shared in my games greatest moments." (Tony Jameson)
Ray de BoerCallum LomasAnthony VaughanChris Mortimer
Tommy JollySteve TomkinsDerek ReynoldsAncil Thomas
Matt BaldwinDominic QuinnJohnny WilsonDan Martin
Andrew HendryIan PenderMilos DjordjevicIan Eastall
Emile RylanderAdrian StepneyDarrly KirbyJohn Douglas
Daniel NooneConor McDonaghHans-Jorg BrandlNicola Muratore

Tony then goes on to invite you to contact him if you are one of the people above or you know one of the people above.......

"If your name appears on this list (or that of someone you know), and you fancy being part of my show, please do get in touch via email tony@tonyjameson.co.uk 
It doesn't really matter where you are in the country (I'm aware some of these names aren't native to the UK, so maybe I'll need to do a bit of international traveling) I'll try and organise some time to come and meet you so we can have a cup of tea and chat about FM.
I'm aware that this may seem like a really weird post, (and to some this seems a little 'Dave Gorman'), but I believe that the end product justifies the madness. Perhaps it doesn't, but I guess there's no harm in trying eh?
Some people will undoubedtly think this is a ridiculous idea, but I've already been contacted by two people from this list, so maybe, just maybe, I can get this to work
Hope to speak to some of you soon, and Happy FMing"
It's fair to say that today Tony Jameson became my new Football Manager idol.....what a guy!!
Do YOU Know Of any Of The Regens/People In Tony's List?
Get In Touch Below.....The Hunt Begins!
Retrogaming, Football Manager, Video Games, Shortlist, Tony Jameson

Retrogaming, Football Manager, Video Games, Shortlist, Tony Jameson

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