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As I sit here writing this on a Friday afternoon I am daydreaming....

Now this is a regular occurrence for me but becomes more frequent on a Friday after lunch time....

What am I daydreaming about I hear YOU ask!?!?!!

Well of course I'm not daydreaming about chicks no don't be so silly, I'm daydreaming about which 5 videogames characters would I combine to make the greatest video game character of all time.

So how do we go about trying to bring together 5 videogame characters into 1 super character?

I'm thinking that it should be done by genre.....

So let me pick 5 genres ....

  • First Up Is Platform Games
  • Second is Fighting Games
  • Third is Role Playing Games (RPG)
  • Fourth is First Person Shooters
  • Fifth is Action-Adventure

Now the tricky part, let me try and pick a character from each genre to create my Frankenstein!

Platform Games:

After much soul searching and a few Jaffa Cookies I have decided Sir Arthur from Ghosts 'N' Goblins would be a good start for my Super Character. This dude may not be as fast as SONIC or have as many costume changes as Mario but he is one tough mudder!
In order to save his wife Princess Guenivere he undertakes the toughest challenge in gaming by defeating Satan & his minions not once BUT TWICE!!

Sir Arthur is double hard and is a solid start to my creation....

Fighting Games:

Which fighting game character do I now add to to Sir Arthur.
I don't want to add anyone too bulky into the mix as Sir Arthur isn't the fastest around. So that rules out Zangief or Haggar!
So let me take a look at one of my favourite character rosters of all time...


For me Bruce Lee is the greatest real world all round figter of all time who had almost Zen like state...

The closest guy to Bruce Lee in any Video Game is Fei Long. Fei long is quick n nimble and before you know it he's beat up yo monkeyass!

A perfect combination with the toughness and determination of Sir Arthur!
Fei Long I welcome you with open arms and a "Rekkaken Punch" you absolute legend!

Role Playing Games:

The role playing genre is quite broad and many games are now included in this genre which may not have been considered true RPGs a while back. For my ultimate video game character this is a good thing though as I have a wealth of talent to choose from in order to make up the 3rd member of this collaboration between Sir Arthur and Fei Long!

The character I'm choosing is actually a male or a female who you see grow and develop before your very eyes during a 3 game stint of perfection....

Its Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series.....the cool thing about ol' shep is YOU get to choose what type of character he or she is and what they become. The whole point is though Shep is the ultimate all rounder who is out save not just earth but the galaxy and beyond from those pesky reapers! Adding Shepard into the mix gives us fighting skills, shooting skills, biotics skills and decision making skills (almost as many skills as Napolean Dynamite!)

Welcome aboard Shep!

First Person Shooters:

There's only Video Game character within the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre that I would ever pick to be the FPS rep for the ultimate character.....

He's a clever guy and a man of few words. He wields a crow bar with amazing dexterity and he owns a GRAVITY GUN!!!

He's the king of the geeks and a total double hard bastard all rolled into one.....

Yes, it's Gordon Freeman.....what a man!

Gordon raises the IQ of our hero to new levels and he's another worthy addition to my 5 person squad....
Action Adventure:

This genre has a whole plethora of candidates for me to choose from....

This was by far my toughest choice as there are so many worthy characters that could fit the bill.

Ultimately my decision had to be made by what I am missing from the team.

I'm missing a sassy, iconic, strong, dynamic lady who can shoot or run her way out of trouble without breaking a sweat.....

That lady has to be Lara Croft of course.

A true video game icon who has stood the test of time and has to be on the dream team of video game characters.

The End Result:

Now the dream team has been assembled I have five characters to mold into one...

What do you get when you cross Sir Arthur with Fei long with Commander Shepard with Gordon Freeman with Lara Croft?

You get the ultimate Video Game Character who could star in any genre of game and hold their own.

With Sir Arthurs determination and grit

With Fei Long ultimate fighting ability akin to Bruce Lee

With Commander Shephards grasp of tactics on the battlefield

With Gordon Freeman's IQ 

With Lara Croft's thirst for adventure

I think YOU would find this character residing in 

Which 5 Video Game Characters Would YOU Choose 
To Be On Your Dream Team?

Games Freezer, Video Games, Retrogaming
Retrogaming, Video Games, Retro Gamer

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