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S is for...........


The first time I laid my eyes on the legendary Star Wars Arcade I thought…….

”That Looks Crap!”

I was a ten year old who was all about SEGA Megadrive and Super Nintendo 16 Bit graphics and I most definitely didn’t appreciate wireframe graphics that looked dated.

It was only when I eventually sat down to play the Arcade game in the full size sit down cabinet that I realised how awesome this Atari Arcade game is.

When you play this awesome game you actually feel like you are in the cockpit of an X Wing as you take on Tie Fighters, Darth Vader and ultimately the Death Star.

The thing that I remember most from playing this was the digitized speech samples directly from the films. It was amazing at the time to hear Luke, Obi, Han and R2 coming out of the coolest video game in the arcade (see how much my opinion changed).

Did You Know?
"The Star Wars Arcade is considered the #4 most popular game of all time according to the readers of KiIIer List of Videogames” (Wikipedia)

The game is the ultimate test of skill and dexterity as you dodge and destroy your way to victory over the dark side.

With your shields set at six you will have to be an awesome player to get through the onslaught but it’s fun trying!

The thing that made this game something special and a sight to behold in the arcades was the amazing yoke control with 4 buttons.

The joystick made the experience even more authentic and then you had each fire button mapped to send off a laser shot from its corresponding wing position on the X-Wing. The controls are a marvel and the whole package make it one of the finest arcade games ever made!

The one thing I haven’t mentioned is the awesome wireframe graphics. It makes perfect sense to have the wireframe graphics in this game as it seems to add to the space atmosphere much like the graphics in Elite did. The sense of speed is also heightened through the use of these graphics and it just feels like the perfect fit.

Atari created a masterpiece at a time when the world was Star Wars crazy. They really nailed it with this game and every time I see it now I always pump some money into it to experience what for me is the ultimate Star Wars video game experience.

May The ATARI Be With You…..

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