☆ 2016 -The PS4 Diaries Part 6 "The Uncharted Marathon Continues" ☆ #PS4 #GamersUnite

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So the momentum continues with my Uncharted journey as I have recently completed Uncharted 2 and moved immediately onto Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception.

I have to say that the pace and the enjoyment has never let up from the moment I started playing the PS4 Drake Collection.
I haven’t had the urge to play back to back sequels of video games since I played the Half Life 2 series and then followed it up by playing Half Life 1.

For me to do that the games must be special and yes they absolutely are.

A mix of fun, adventure, action and light puzzle solving make for the perfect video game combination. With each sequel Naughty Dog have managed to somehow improve on the formula and tweak the game in one way or another to just heighten the sense that you are not playing the exact same game again but in a different setting.

At the end of 2 I was left breathless from the pace of the ending and the switch up in foes towards the end. After that I thought that 3 would be another 2 in a different setting. So far it seems I’m wrong. The start of 3 sees me in London and a scenario that showcases some cool tweaks to the hand to hand c0mbat.

Eventually you get to a point where you actually go back in time to being a young Nathan Drake and how you ended up being the man you are today. It’s a brilliant way to frame the 3rd instalment and makes you want to delve into Drake’s story for a third time.

Having only just started working my way through the 3rd iteration I’m excited for what lays in wait for me, but so far it feels like there’s a deeper story to be uncovered with a certain grittiness to the overall feel of the game.

I’m enjoying discovering the Uncharted universe and the Drake story as I work my way through these games and distil 9 years’ worth of games into a 3 month Uncharted A Thon.

The thing with the games is that time just flies when you begin to play and just like a good book you want to push on and find out WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!??

Right it’s time to get back to London with Nate & Co , I’ll let you all know how I get on in another instalment of PS4 Diaries

What’s Your Favourite Uncharted Game?

Have You Played Any Of The Vita Instalments?

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