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W is for...........


Atari knew a good multiplayer experience when they saw one and this was one of those.

It’s a Pong variant that stormed the arcades in 1980 and hit the 2600 in 1981.

It was in the mould of Pong, Breakout and Combat mashed together to create a game where taking on your opponents led to the kind of local multiplayer that we grew up wit has kids.Up to 4 players could play on the Arcade version and it was the 4 player versions which really were the most fun to play.

The game is a battle between four players. Each player has a fort which is distinguished by different colours.

The four fort colours are orange, green, turquoise blue, and purple.

The aim of the game is for players to break down the fort walls of the surrounding players and destroy the centre crown or mask (for computer AI).

The weapon of choice is a bouncing projectile which players can move and aim from the outer layer of their own fort.

The projectile can also be held by pushing something called a "Power stone" button. The flip-side of this though is the cost of slowly deteriorating the player's own walls.

When an opponent's crown/mask is destroyed it then acts to release a further projectile onto the game arena.

The last player with their crown/mask intact will be awarded bonus points.

The winner is the last Warlord standing.

This is a simple concept but as always with Atari it had its own layer of tactics and is extremely addictive fun.

The reception to this Atari classic at the time was very positive and Game Informer more recently ranked it as the 25th Best Video Game of ALL TIME!

Next time you get a chance to have a go on this classic make sure you do as it’s another Atari smash hit.

Take A Look At This Video For A Nice Close Up Look At The Warlords Arcade Machine

Have YOU Ever Played Warlords?

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