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My Amiga introduced me to all sorts of new video games experiences that extended beyond the usual run of the mill platforming and sports sim video games.

One such new experience was my first taste of the murky world of Syndicate....

It was a video game world that I never knew could exist and I never realised ow awesome this type of game could be until I played this amazing title.

Commanding a team of callous killers in a futuristic world was pure delight as you set light to passers by with flame throwers and mowed down enemy gangs with your mini gun. The atmosphere of this Bullfrog masterpiece was edgy and as you plotted your Syndicate's rise to domination it felt like you were a cool calculated criminal mastermind plotting your elite squads next mission.

I love the fact you are commanding a team of cyborgs in a futuristic set of cities around the world. The isometric view sets it off perfectly and the art style is spot on.

The thing that really set it apart was the varying mission objectives. It wasn't just about mowing down enemy gang members. You see there were missions such as Executive Assassinations, rescue missions, recruitment missions which see you persuading civilians and key scientists to join your syndicate.

It's the thinking mans shooter. A brainy Cannon Fodder and it's mega fun! 

Now let's throw Research & Development into the mix. As you progress through the game you must manage the R&D of new weapons and cyborg upgrades. 

You begin with limited funds and therefore have to tax conquered territories while also ensuring that they are not over-taxed that they revolt against the player. 

R&D allows you to upgrade your simple pistols to more destructive weaponry which include Uzis, mini-guns, flamethrowers, sniper rifles, time bombs, lasers and the legendary Gauss gun. 

As well as weaponry you get the use of items such as medikits to heal agents, scanners to locate pedestrians/vehicles. Then there is the awesome "Persuadertron" to brainwash targets into joining your syndicate.

This is a game that I always look back on with the fondest of memories and it still stands up as a great game now. I recently took advantage of it being FREE on Origin and got stuck back into the madness of Syndicate.

If ever a game deserved a proper reboot then this is it.

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