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It’s maybe seen as a bit of a video gaming cliché to declare your admiration and love for the Super Mario Bros series and maybe yes it is?

But I have been with the Bros from the start and have seen them evolve over the years with the video games industry and have earned the right to declare my Mario Love.

I think my love for Super Mario Bros grew initially from just wanting to own a NES (which I never have)

The original NES Super Mario Bros was the tightest most precise and fun platform game around at the time and is still up there with the best.

You cannot fault it’s design and controls. It is a slick operation and that was the foundation that all future iterations were built on.

What a great foundation that was.

I only ever got to play Super Mario Bros on a friends NES but those platforming perfection moments stayed with me over the years.

When Super Mario Bros 2 came out I didn’t have access to a NES and it’s only recently that I have gone on and played this classic. I didn’t enjoy it as much as Super Mario Bros but it’s still a solid entry into the series. If I’d have played it at it's time of release maybe I wouldn’t have appreciated as much as I do now as it’s such a move away from the frenetic platform action of Super Mario Bros.

When Super Mario Bros 3 hit the stores my best mate Paul had a NES and it was his house where I would dip into this game. The game is still considered one of the best examples of a platform game and I think this is the game that made me realise what was possible with a platforming game. The variation, the secrets, the over-world map, everything came together to form the definitive Super Mario Bros experience that would be the basis of my favourite Mario experience……..

Recently I revisited Super Mario Bros 3 and I started to play it from the start for the first time on my own and the game is still amazing and it’s still fresh. What an achievement for a game that was released in the 1980’s!

Along came the Super Nintendo in '91 and Super Mario World…..This is the one that changed everything for me. A game so good and so ingenious it had me glued to my SNES for months trying to uncover all the secret areas and coins. It’s a piece of video game perfection in every department. To this day the game is as solid as it was in 1991.

From here on in my Super Mario Bros involvement ceased as I didn’t own another Nintendo until the Wii rocked my world. I waited patiently for Super Mario to appear and along came Super Mario Galaxy! Another evolution from Nintendo 64 Mario 64 to an amazing set of levels that showed off some awesome Mario physics and still stuck to the tried and tested Mario formula of:

1) Fun

2) Variety

3) Platforming Perfection

4) Hidden Secrets

These four elements combine in every Super Mario Bros game I’ve ever played to make Super Mario Bros the most loved franchise on the Video Gaming Planet.

I’ll never grow tired of Super Mario Bros and I know that I will eventually get myself a Wii U to catch up on the Super Mario Maker fun that I have been missing out on as Super Mario Bros evolves yet again to marvel the video gaming world.

What’s Your Favourite Super Mario and WHY?

Let Me Know In the Comments Box below

“Stay Frosty Freezer Followers”

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