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My Raspberry Pi has given me heaps of joy in the short time I’ve owned it and here’s why…….

I am now the proud owner of a Beast Powered RetroPie Emulation Machine and it’s awesome!

In my previous post, I talked about the prep required to get the SD card and bare bones Pi ready to take on the role of a retro gaming powerhouse.

Since that post, I have managed to transform the bare bones pi and make some nice additions to its setup to get it up n running just nicely.

My first addition to the Pi was a nice clean white Pi2 case which really sets the whole thing off nicely.

My next addition was a SNES style USB joypad to add to the retro aesthetic. It complements the little machine very nicely indeed and makes me feel like I am 12 years old again (good times)

Then I fitted a nice little wi-fi dongle to the unit and now my Pi is discoverable on the network via my laptop so as I am now able to just drag and drop ROMS directly onto my pretty old Pi.

With all that in place, it felt as though I needed a semi-permanent method of affixing my RetroPie machine to the desktop to stop it slip sliding around while I played on my cool retro gaming machine. I invested in some simple adhesive Velcro pads to fix to the base and my little nugget hasn’t moved an inch since I put it there, PERFECT!

Now the finishing touch to my set up has been the reason why it is BEAST POWERED. I picked up some awesome high-quality stickers from the internet a while back which had various cool images from Video Games past on them. One of my favourites was my Blanka Beast Power sticker that I had been itching to use for months and now it had found its home…..slap bang on my RetroPie machine!

Now it’s officially BEASTPOWERED (maybe with some Beast-Processing thrown in for good measure)

I’ve had lots of fun with my Pi so far and I would recommend any retro gamer to give this little project a go, it’s been a blast!

Take A Look At My Beast Power Machine And Let Me Know What You Think In The Comments Box Below...

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