☆ Why I Love WORMS (The Video Game Not The Ailment) ☆ #GamersUnite #Retrogaming

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For me Worms is the ULTIMATE social gaming experience....

So many great memories of gaming nights involve a game of Worms
Worms is basic to look at with it's paired down visuals complementing it's seemingly basic gameplay.

As always with great games you can never judge a game by it's graphics as you dig deeper into this game you find it is full of unpredictable fun and tactics.

The weapons and the worms are the stars.

Let's start with the weaponry. It's a feast of wacky weapons that you have at your disposal with such legendary items as The Holy Hand Grenade, Banana Bomb, Exploding Sheep, Bazooka, Fire Punch, Homing Pigeon, Old Granny and the list goes on!

My favourite weapon had to be The Prod. So simple and yet so satisfying as you prod your opponent to his or her impending doom. Brilliant, comedy genius!

This weapon set allowed for utter carnage during Worms sessions. The landscape would take a pounding as the collateral damage was dealt indiscriminately by all players. Plenty of friendly fire was always felt and the carnage element was assisted by the random nature of the level generation. No level was ever the same and the placement of Worms was also another stroke of genius as they were also randomly placed. Sometimes in harms way and other times in places that meant it was a challenge just to get any weaponry near them. It made for some heated exchanges as you curse the luck / flukiness of your opponent.

The Worms and their mannerisms were a delight. This was especially true if you spent some time building  squad of worms and naming them individually. It was always fun to see your best mate's team of hand picked super model worms get taken out by random objects. It had the same appeal as Custom Teams in Sensible Soccer as you your affection for your team always grew more if you had spent time personalising them.

Add that to the fun sounds from the Annelids as they go about your business and there's never been a game that delivers satisfaction, smiles and randomness in such amazing measures as Worms does!

When Team 17 created worms they knew what they were doing they were creating a Video Game that could be played by drunk people at 2am with all their mates taking part and the game would complete after 15 minutes of fun and frolics only for everyone to say let's play again and pour me another Jack D and Coke.

I Love Worms And I Just Know That YOU Do Too!

Let Me Know Your Worms Stories And Best Weapons & Moments Below.....

"Stay Frosty Freezer Followers"

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