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A game that has been a part of my life for the last 3 months has now gone…..


Not for long……..as Uncharted 4 is on its way very soon.

So, what’s my experience of the Uncharted collection so far and what shall I play next?

 My Uncharted journey has been completed.

I have met new friends along the way such as Sully, Elena, Charlie, Chloe and of course Nathan Drake (Nate)….

Then there comes the not so friendly characters such as Marlowe, Talbot, Lazarevic, Harry Flynn, Roman and Navarro.

That’s the thing I’ve taken away from the series so far, the characters have truly been the stars of this epic journey through 3 quests for hidden treasure, cities and civilizations.

Naughty Dog have made living out the Indy dream an effortless task as you jump from ledge to rooftop to desert to back street of London you really feel like you are Nate on this quest of good vs bad.

Throughout the 3 titles I have been totally invested in the story. Sometimes it has been mega predictable and that’s not a bad thing when the action plays out so amazingly slick.

By the end of the 3rd instalment my mind and hands were like an extension of Drake. It was interesting to note the evolution of the controls as I worked my way through all 3 titles. The controls got tighter and tighter until number 3 gave us arguably a perfect set of controls whether armed or hand to hand or just doing what Nate does best…..CLIMB EVERYTHING!

The only gripe I ever had with the controls was sometimes it was tough to position yourself exactly when there was a number of pickups around you and all you wanted was the ammo.

Then there were other instances of trying to position yourself just right so that Nate would put a hand out to try and make the jump from one object to another.

Coming to the end of 3 was a bitter sweet experience as that meant I had completed my Uncharted PS4 collection and there would be no more Nate and Sully for at least another month or so…..

So my world is missing something which means that I have to find something to fill the gap until that day in May when Nate and Co. return.

My shortlist of potential PS4 beauties is as follows:


Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

Gone Home

The Witness

Shovel Knight

I think I could get involved with these for long enough to see me through to Uncharted 4

So, which PS4 game should I play next?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

“Stay Frosty Freezer Followers”

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