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I’ve had a few days to play Velocity Stream and I can safely say that this game is something special.

The initial view leads you to think of Wipeout and F-Zero which are those awesome futuristic racers that all other futuristic racers tend to be compared to.

The game has the option for you either to be a futuristic racer or uniquely a Paver (The Paver is the track creator).

The player who chooses to be a track creator creates the track on the fly and can make a track as complex as they want as the other racers race on the track in real time and attempt to catch up to the Paver in order to win whilst battling with the other drivers to get to the Paver.

This is obviously a massive twist in the racing genre and I really like this novel twist.

It means that when you race you can’t rely on knowing the track inside out, you have to be a skilled driver to manoeuvre your way round the twists and turns of the freshly laid track.

The music and visuals really add a lot to the space racer atmosphere as you speed around the track. The feeling of speed is immense especially when you grab a speed boost that is scattered around the track.

The handling is spot on and I picked up the control pad and was playing within seconds feeling like if I did come off the track it was my fault rather than any unresponsive handling. That’s the key to any fun racer really. If the handling is off then the game is finished before it’s begun as you just got to be able to pick up and play from the off.

There’s some cool classes of futuristic racing machines to take round the track and that adds to the replayability as master the handling on each type of machine.

Overall there’s lots of fun to be had with this racer and it really comes into its own when you have four players racing in SPLIT-SCREEN!

Yes, SPLIT-SCREEN is still a thing and long may it continue. What’s better than nudging your competitor in the ribs on the sofa while you manouvere round them and dash for the paver?!

Hats off to Cavelight for producing such a cool, fun game to play with your mates.

The only thing I would say is that it seemed to lack a good old Cup Mode to cater for all the lonely gamers like myself who don’t have many friends L

I’d love to see a championship mode on this game. Just imagine taking back the intergalactic cup from your arch rival!!

Also I could’ve done with more power ups on the course or maybe the ability to add items to the cars?

I would’ve also loved to have a bit more character in the game through the addition of some NPC driver sprites or just driver faces. I love all the stuff in games like Road Rash where you come up against dudes with names, it just makes you want to beat them that little bit more. But I do get the fact that Cavelight are creating cool multiplayer game here and are not necessarily catering for loners like myself.

I’d give this fast, fun, thrilling and full on game a recommendation to all you crazy racers out there who want something a bit different at your next video games party bash!


Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Just Falls Short Of Greatness)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)

+ A new twist on the genre
+ Super Fast Super Fun
+ Brilliant Multiplayer and Splitscreen Mode
+ Awesome Space Racing Atmosphere

Suggested Improvements
- More Single Player content
- More Power Ups Or Racer Enhancements

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