☆ 2016 -The PS4 Diaries Part 5 "Halfway Through My Uncharted Journey" ☆ #PS4 #GamersUnite

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As a late comer to the Uncharted series my voyage of Uncharted Discovery has been so much fun!

The Uncharted collection that came with my beautiful PS4 has been the source of so much enjoyment already as I have battled my way through Uncharted : Drake’s Fortune and I’m now halfway through Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Obviously the game was released 7 years ago now (2009) but the game is as fresh as a daisy game play wise.

The PS4 version has been re-mastered so it looks great but looking past that you can see that this must have been an awesome game to play as it came out because the stuff it does it does so well.

There’s a marked improvement from Uncharted 1 as it feels like Naughty Dog have really built on the original ideas of the first game and improved it in every way.

Having played them back to back I can really see the differences straight away in the way it guides you through the game and gets you learning the extra skills like run n gun through use of the tutorial. I remember completing the original and then thinking “Run n Gun” what’s that? 

I’d gone the whole game without realising that was something I could do until I saw it in the detailed stats list! By then it was too late.

In the first game the combat got a bit stale by the end but in the 2nd game the combat is so much tighter and more exciting. The gas cylinders are a cool addition to the tactics although sometimes I was left thinking why would a cylinder be left here?

The story is also that much better than the first. The first game had glimpses of brilliance throughout but this 2nd game is brilliant throughout and I’m only around just over halfway through and as I open more of the story I’m thrilled to find out what happens next!

The game seems to flow just like a movie and give you the cliff-hangers and memorable scenes that you’d expect in any blockbuster of a movie.

The opening scene had me wincing and gasping as I helped Nate climb a train wreck dangling over a cliff, it was truly breath-taking stuff and has my vote for best opening to a game ever (The Last Of Us comes close to that too!)

Throw into the mix a better combo hand to hand system and you have a massive improvement in almost every area of the game. I found Uncharted 1 hand to hand a clumsy affair as you hit 3 buttons to complete the combo whereas in this game it feels more intuitive and makes you more likely to use that method. This really mixes things up as you learn how to stealthily take down opponents and can clear areas Metal Gear style!

The other mention is Treasure discovery. 

In the first game treasures were pretty easy to uncover as you would just generally walk around the part of the level you weren’t supposed to and then hey presto there was the glowing treasure. 

Now the treasure takes a bit more thinking to uncover and sometimes is placed in really cunning positions. 

I’ve gone much longer without discovering anything and then by perseverance and sometimes fortune I have managed to uncover the whereabouts of the loot.

It makes looking for these trinkets so much more fun and a lot more rewarding as it is much more of a challenge than the first game.

My aim is to get through the first 3 games before the 4th game is released in May and then I can join the Drake party on May 10th

I’ve already started to eye up Uncharted 3 as I near the end of 2 and I can see that I will enjoy it just as much as 1&2…..

How do Naughty Dog do it?

3 in a row is an awesome achievement and now they are going for 4! Can they do no wrong?!

I’ll let you all know when I get there……

How Much Have YOU Enjoyed Playing 
The Uncharted Series?

How Much Better Do You Think 2 Is Than 1?

Is 3 Even Better!!??

Let Me Know Your Thoughts  In The Comments Box Below

“Stay Frosty Freezer Followers”

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