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Everyone who knows me knows that I love the Super Nintendo. 

I have written numerous articles on the beloved Super Nintendo and my enthusiasm for this king of consoles knows no ends!

Well somehow and for some reason, this little news nugget managed to slip through my SNES net!

Now I have read it, it has made me want to buy one of these bad boys as soon as is humanly possible!

"What is it?" I hear YOU cry.......

Well, sit down and i'll tell you .....

Nintendo are bringing out a new 3DS in Japan inspired by the beautiful Super Famicom!

The pictures are like console porn and it has got me moist in places that I didn't realise I could get moist in.

I absolutely need one of these and I really hope Mr Nintendo lets Europe and the rest of the gaming world get involved with this because it's criminal if we don't get the opportunity on these shores....

Although I suppose I could always import one.............hmmmmmmmmmmm

Go to this link and I guarantee you will go all weak at the knees: 


You know what? For some reason the Japanese Kanji on the website makes it look even better! :)

What Do You Think?

Will YOU Be Buying One?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

"Stay Frosty Freezer Followers"

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