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Recently I came across a really cool piece of gaming kit that has retro gaming collectors who love to display their gaming hardware in mind.

The range of display stands come under the name of Supa_Ds and I discovered them whilst on Twitter…..
I asked the Supa_Ds creator to tell me how the idea came about and this is the story
The product is looking to cater specifically for owners of handhelds such as GameBoys.

A friend of the Supa_Ds founder contacted them a while back and asked them if they could make him something to display his handheld consoles on so that's exactly what Supa_Ds guy set about doing.

The Supa_Ds dude got to work on designing samples & created multiple styles to suit different people.

Once the designs of each one were ready it was time to come up with a suitable name too so thats when the Idea of Supa_DS came about.

Did You Know?
Supa_DS is actually shortened from “Supa portable display stands”

The actual cool styling is based on an arcade stand shape with an awesome retro vibe for the plain wood versions.

There’s also a cool Colour version as well as 3 model options which come in tiered single & double.

So, thats how Supa_DS came to be……..

The feedback from the retrogaming has been great so far including the Games Freezer Followers & guess what…………they are now available for pre order!

If you want to get hold of one of these awesome collecting must haves then head over to http://www.icedrainbow.com/supa_ds

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