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This year I took part in my first GameBlast and now i'm already looking forward to next years installment of gamings coolest charity gaming weekend as the date has now been set....
Making A Difference

The GameBlast crew got in touch recently to let me know the difference mine and everybody else's GameBlast efforts are making to the lives of someone like Brendan.

"Brendan sustained a traumatic brain injury following a serious accident. 
He loves racing games but struggled to use a standard games controller.
He could only watch his brother and his friends having all the fun, leaving him frustrated and excluded.

Our team visited Brendan and set him up with a controller which we clamped to the side of his wheelchair. 
We clipped an extension to the right joystick and positioned the controller in a similar position to his wheelchair joystick so he could use it with his left arm.

Brendan started to accelerate, brake and steer using just the right joystick, so we added two button switches, one he could press with his knee and the other he could press by lifting up his left leg.
He’s now experiencing the magic of playing all sorts of games and he's looking forward to a whole new world of fun, freedom - and a little independence. Just look at that smile on his face!"
That's just one example of the awesome work that the GameBlast Event and 
Special Effect do to make a difference to gamers with special needs lives.
Why don't YOU get involved next year and make a difference with me?
Follow @SpecialEffect to keep up to date with the GameBlast16 News!

4 Player Multiplayer Gameplan 
Last time out I took on the challenge of a Sonic The Hedgehog marathon for one day and I loved it (although my Sonic skills weren't quite as good as they used to be!)
I managed to raise some cool cash for the Gameblast charity and have been planning what I want to do next year ever since.
It feels like next time round i'll be needing some company for the marathon and i'll be getting my mates involved for a retrogaming 4 player gaming marathon.
I'm thinking that i'll identify a list of the coolest 4 player games that I know of and get the crew to work their way through them over the course of the gaming marathon.
First thoughts are of gaming greats like...........
  • Super Bomberman
  • NBA Jam
  • Goldeneye 
  • Worms
  • Smash Bros
  • Smash TV
  • Mario Kart 64

  • Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis

Then once we've raised oodles of cash for GameBlast we'll sit down and play four player all day long!
Sounds like a plan eh!!??
Can You Think Of Any Great 4 Player Games That I Could Add To My List For GameBlast16?
Let Me Know In The Comments Box below


  1. The GameBlast team reached out as of late to tell me the distinction mine and every other person's GameBlast endeavors are making to the existences of somebody like Brendan.

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